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Dr. Esther Newman-Cohen is a highly creative Israeli-based artist. She engages in a wide range of artistic activity, including drawing, painting and woodcarving. Her subjects range from abstracts to realistic portraits and landscapes, done in a variety of media – pencil, ink, aquarelle, pastel, acrylic and oil. She had her first solo exhibits in Jerusalem, at the Alliance Française in 1989: "The Women of Jerusalem," in 1992 at the Gerard Behar Theater: "Flowers and Landscapes of Jerusalem," and in 2008 at the Jerusalem Botanical Garden: "Flowers: A Love Story." In June 2013 she exhibited at the Israeli Opera House in Tel Aviv: "My Flower Garden." Esther loves to paint flowers, abstracts, scenery and especially people. Her most recent solo exhibit was "Flowers in Symphony," Nov. 2014 - Jan. 2015, at the Jerusalem Theater.
Over the past three years she has added wood sculptures to her repertoire. She also has a website for ketubot, Jewish marriage contracts, many of which are also posted on Fine Art America.
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Prints of my work can be ordered directly from Fine Art America online, but it you're interested in the original work - Note that the sale of original works on Fine Art America is 100% commission free! Unlike other art sites, Fine Art America does not try to stand between artists and their buyers in order to collect commissions. This means the buyer saves more by buying directly from the artist!
If you are interested in purchasing any of my original works, it's easy. I have marked the price for the original work on each page. Just e-mail me directly Make sure to write in the Subject line "Purchase Painting" (so I won't think it's SPAM).


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